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D213CH-blue print
About Itsola
Designer Lauren Fong always had an eye for fashion, but took a roundabout way of getting there. Elementary school sewing soon led to art classes and a job at Nordstrom, and interestingly, Fong ended up studying entrepreneurial business in college. Her creative urge still remained, and after working at your “typical” business school companies (investment banking and business consulting), Fong realized that she could not ignore her talent. After several years working at various fashion houses and bouncing around the fashion district, Itsola was born. The name says it all - It’s So LA. Well, almost. Fong draws inspiration from all across the globe: LA to her hometown, Houston, to cities across the world, with her travels and experiences in Tokyo being a major factor in the design. Japanese style and her love for California sensibility fuse to create a collection of silks that are sexy yet wearable, stunning without trying to hard. Bold and unique prints combined with color blocking and solids silks are key traits, with flowing bodies, tucks and detailing.